New Silkscreened 976-KVLT Pedals In Stock, Plus A Special Offer

The new 976-KVLT pedals are here.

It is the same Ge/Si hybrid circuit I have always used, but they are now professionally silkscreened instead of hand painted.


They are available at two places online:


Phosphene Audio Etsy Shop


Phosphene Audio Reverb Shop


What does it sound like?

Original Demo Youtube Clip

This is the band Brown Angel using the 976-KVLT on both guitar and bass.


Right now, any 976-KVLT sold will ship with a second, randomly selected free pedal.  I have a bunch of one off fuzzes that I built and I am giving them away while supplies last.  They have been kicking around a while and are a little shopworn, but I plugged them in recently and they all do something cool, all different circuits.  A couple in the pic have been given away already.



Lastly, I have a couple of passive feedback loopers in stock.  These allow you to feed the output of any pedal (or chain of pedals) back into it’s input for unpredictable oscillation effects.

Here is a clip of one using a Danelectro French Toast as the fuzz device.



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